1. Does anyone know who this artist is??

  2. When a piece gets pushed a little further and given a bit more time, great results follow.

  3. Run!!

  4. Wild thing, you make my heart sing!

  5. This painting is cracking me up. Not sure where I’m going with it haha

  6. Man, talk about design wizards. Mayans were dope at filling in those places with the right amount of detail.

  7. I was smearing paint haphazardly and created a shape that resembled Darth Vader and just went with it haha

  8. NEW Big Figment concert poster. Welcome to Eel City. First digital painting in a very very long time. Using some killer brush presets by Zedig, which is available for download here: http://zedig.deviantart.com/art/My-brushes-346476394

    Also some killer brush presets from here: http://frenden.com/post/39394983582/custom-photoshop-inking-and-pencilling-brushes

    UPDATED: Color scheme to be darker, and concert info!

  9. This was the best monster.

  10. Rochester has some weird architecture… that’s totally some sort of portal or space cannon.